Saturday, January 7, 2012

My eBook is Online!

Eventually by Lea Zalas

My book is finished and I have uploaded it to Amazon (the link above) and Smashwords. I am so thrilled! Of course, since this is my first book, the whole process for this book probably took longer than it should have. There was a steep learning curve as I wrote, edited, and polished it.

As I went through the editing process, I thoroughly researched how to query, how to write a query, and how to vet literary agents. There were times when I thought I was drowning in information about agents and submitting.

Then I started hearing and learning about self-publishing, Print On Demand (POD), and ebooks. But I still held firm with both hands to the ideal of being traditionally published. Until I saw friends and relatives downloading ebooks from Amazon, Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, and others.

I joined a writers' group and learned that books which would almost always be rejected by traditional agents and publishers were selling very well as ebooks. Imagine, no longer being weeded out by first the agents, and then the publishers. Instead, it's the readers who determine what they want to read. And I started warming up to the notion that not all books need to be, or should be, traditionally printed and sold.

So now my book is available online from Amazon and for just $2.99. Through Amazon, readers in England, France, and other countries can download my book. With, my book will also be available through Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo, and many others. How great is that?

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